Bendy and Tash Urgently Required OS- Part Two

Luckily, the remainder of the trip passed peacefully. Tash convinced Bendy to swap seats (so she could avoid any more steward incidents) and gave her a soothing eye gel mask  which settled her down to sleep.

Bendy and Tash safely touched down in Paris and traveled to The Ritz Hotel – one of the few places the girls felt totally comfortable. Knowing they had to look after themselves, or they would not be useful to anyone, they took a quick two day break to recover from the plane trip, visit a couple of exclusive boutiques to replenish their wardrobes and a few hair and beauty salons to freshen up their looks. Then they were prepared for action.

Tiffany and Co, a very well known jewelry store had a terrible problem. They had bought a collection of fake diamonds for staff training but before they had a chance to do the training, the fake diamonds had accidentally been placed in with the real ones. Before this error was discovered they had been made into hundreds of rings, bracelets and necklaces. They were also concerned that there seemed to be diamond rings going missing.

Luckily the manager Jean -Claude Moreau remembered Bendy and Tash from a previous visit and realized that the girls would be able to save them much time and effort. Bendy’s skill of being able to spot a fake diamond was just what they needed. Tash was also requested, as with her innate sense of style she could easily point out diamonds that were in the wrong settings or the wrong cut. This saved their merchandise from ‘sitting on the shelf’ and helped the store keep their high, well deserved reputation.

The two arrived as early as they could – after a quick three course breakfast and an early morning facial. Looking fabulous in their new Christian Louboutin outfits they strode into the shop.

Jean-Claude greeted them effusively. He explained to Bendy and Tash the task that lay ahead. Bendy admitted she had already spotted one of the fakes in the window just as Tash screwed up her face when confronted with a marquise cut diamond that really would have been better with a princess cut.

As the Jean-Claude pulled out trays of rings, he noticed that there was a large one missing.

“Zut Alors!” screamed Jean-Claude. “Where is the ring?”

When he questioned the assistant behind the counter she appeared surprised and became very indignant.

“It must have been taken for cleaning!” she snapped.

Jean-Claude looked concerned, “It doesn’t appear in the register,” he said looking at the technicians work sheets.

In less than three hours Bendy had identified all the fake diamonds. Jean-Claude was amazed at her talents. But as she explained, “Finding my way through millions of dollars worth of diamonds is just all in a days work for me. I spend so much time studying them on the internet, my eyes have sharpened to an expert degree.

He then turned to Tash and thanked her for pointing out settings that were wrong and jewellery that was not well balanced. He had quite a few items to go back to the workshop.

As he thanked them both and slipped a large cheque into Tash’s hand, he turned to open the door.

“Wait one moment,” said Tash, “I do believe I have solved your other problem.”

“Whatever do you mean?” queried Jean-Claude.

“That woman is a diamond thief!” cried Tash.

“How dare you !” shouted the assistant. “I have been working here for months and the robberies have only just started. Search me, you won’t find anything!’

“Most people wouldn’t have spotted this,” said Tash, as Bendy and Jean-Claude looked on mystified. “But I can see that you have a hair out of place,” said Tash pointing to the woman’s exquisite chignon. It is very subtle but no one who works here would have a hair out of place like that there had to be a reason.”

The assistant was so shocked that she was too slow for Tash. Tash reached over and pulled the chignon clip from the woman’s hair. As her hair began to unwind a large diamond ring fell to the floor. Tash scooped it up as Jean-Claude reached for the phone to call the gendarme whilst Bendy grabbed the woman.

In no time at all the gendarme arrived at the shop.

“Mon Dieu!” cried the gendarme. “That is the infamous diamond thief Adrienne Dubois. We have been looking for her for a long time.”

With that she was marched from the shop.

Later that evening Bendy and Tash were enjoying a champagne supper with Jean-Claude. With tears in his eyes he turned to the girls, “I can’t thank you enough! I know I say this every time you visit but is there any way I can persuade you both to come and work for me – money is no object, you would be worth it.”

Bendy and Tash smiled at each other. Bendy leaned over to pat him on the knee. “There, there,” she said. “We are sorry but we still have lots of other problems to solve. You know we don’t like to be tied down to any one job.”

“Well at least I tried!” commiserated Jean-Claude.

“Besides,” said Tash, “we’ve left nearly a whole carton of milk back in the fridge.”

Oh! Bendy’s lawyer has just rung… is this another situation for Bendy and Tash?

Bendy and Tash Urgently Required OS- Part One

Bendy and Tash were going on an urgent overseas assignment. After checking in, they took their seats on the plane and made themselves comfortable by arranging all their make-up in readiness for’touching up’ on the way using their video screens as mirrors.

Bendy liked to sit in the aisle seat so she could stretch her legs and dash off to the bathroom when required. Tash was usually quite happy to just sit  and admire her moustache in the reflection of the window.

Amusing herself by gazing at the blank video screen, wondering whether she needed to get her fringe cut by one millimetre or not and pouting her lips to see what they would look like with some ‘fillers’, Bendy started making faces at the screen. Tash was oblivious to these goings on and being the sensible one was having equestrian thoughts. She hadn’t told Bendy yet but she had come up with the idea of Detectives on Horseback. Tash knew she would have trouble convincing Bendy because she knew how much she disliked having her hair messed up. The thought of having to wear a helmet would be just too much to bear. Tash just sighed and closed her eyes dreaming of stirrups and saddles.

After a few hours Bendy needed to go to the bathroom and left her seat. Unfortunately she had forgotten which way the door shut, so as she was shutting it her finger got jammed. This caused her extreme pain but she managed to lurch back to her seat telling Tash she was feeling a bit faint. Tash put a pillow on her lap and let Bendy put her head on it until she felt better. This was not a good look and caused consternation among the other passengers. To make matters worse, all Bendy could think of was how her fringe was going to get ruined because of the pillow, but at least this took her mind off feeling ill.

After a while the steward came up and stopped, looking first at Bendy and then Tash. He asked if everything was alright. Bendy was starting to feel a bit better but really fancied some more peanuts. She had eaten hers really quickly once Tash had helped her open them. Bendy always had trouble opening the little packets but at least she hadn’t embarrassed herself like last time when she tried to open the tub of milk and it burst out and spilt all over her legs.

Looking pathetically up at the steward Bendy asked in a high pitched girly voice, “Have you any nuts?” The startled steward retorted, “Madam, they are a prerequisite of the job!”

Will they make to their assignment or will they be shunted off the plane at the next available airport. Stay tuned.

Bendy and Tash Save The day

Bendy and Tash were walking along the promenade in Lorne on their annual Summer holiday. Suddenly they heard a scream. “That sounds like someone in trouble!”said Bendy.
“We’ll have to help.”replied Tash.
They quickly slipped into a nearby public toilet. After fixing their hair and make-up, they changed their jewellery to a more modest, less showy set and were ready for action. In less than twenty minutes they were back on the scene. They followed the sound waves to a large mansion on the water front. There they found a very distressed woman.
“What’s wrong?” asked Bendy.
“I’ve locked my keys in my car and I have a very important luncheon to go to,” she sobbed.
“Don’t worry we will help you,”cried Tash, “you can’t possibly walk around Lorne in those heels!”
Luckily the passenger window was down a little. Bendy managed to twist and turn and bend her arm down and unlock the door.
“Oh thank-you you super women,”cried the grateful socialite. “I don’t know what I would have done without you”
“Um just one more thing,” said Tash. “I’m a little worried that your lipstick doesn’t quite match your outfit.”
“How embarrassing! I left my extended make-up case at home. I thought I could get away with this one.”
“Don’t worry,” soothed Bendy opening a large suitcase full of make-up, “I have the perfect one you can have.”
“You two are so much more helpful than an automobile club. I’m glad I didn’t call for the RACV.”
The grateful woman kissed them both and after reapplying the more suitable lipstick, headed off to her lunchoen.
“It feels so good to help people,” smiled Tash, “Now let’s get back to our walk.”

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter in the lives of Bendy and Tash.

Bendy and Tash…Who are they?


The dynamic duo and ‘besties’ preparing to go to the end of the earth (or pier) on their latest assignment in Lorne.

No expense is spared (on their make up and outfits) as they rush from dress shops to jewellers, frocking up before going undercover to catch despicable culprits that they have been paid to expose, or solve puzzling problems.

Join them for a feast (at their favourite restaurant) whilst they sip on champagne (or Bendy’s favourite Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling Rose).  Watch with mouths open as Tash exposes her upper lip!!!

Will Bendy really do a back flip?  Will Tash have a camera close up?

All this and more… coming to a device near you.