Tash is the more modest of the two. She has suffered from a slightly embarrassing hormonal imbalance on her upper lip for years that has been passed down through her mother’s side ever since her great great grandmother used to carry out scientific cooking experiments on the strange rocks her miner husband used to bring home from his job. She is devoted to helping others while maintaining perfect hair and makeup and hardly ever sweating. Tash can always be relied on to be honest and forthright.

Bendy is the more flexible of the two. She would have had a sterling career as an Olympic gymnast if she hadn’t missed the audition because she couldn’t decide on which leotard was the most flattering. She is the real jewellery expert and spends thousands of hours perusing the internet for new Tiffany bargains. She can spot a fake at 20 metres. But she has a very kind heart.

Both girls have studied the art of perfect make-up application and suitable clothing for all occasions (both receiving honours at university). Their skills include running in high heels, leaping tall steps in a single bound and spotting a clothing or make-up faux pas in an instant. They also have an innate desire to help their fellow man or woman.


The Early Years

Bendy and Tash met on their first day of school. When Tash entered the classroom she noticed a little girl in the corner tying herself in knots. Tash walked over to her and mentioned that if her fringe was a centimetre shorter it would frame her face better and if her socks were white instead of grey her outfit would look better.Bendy looked up from her exertions and smiled her thanks.  From that moment on a life long friendship was born.

Being a quiet child, Tash was sometimes picked on by school bullies. But Bendy always kept a close eye on her. Every time someone was mean to Tash, Bendy started to do her amazing contortionist tricks. This made everyone look at her. Bendy found out she loved  being the centre of attention.