Bendy and Tash – The Lift

“What are you looking at Tash?” asked Bendy, as she admired her reflection in the kettle on her way to the lounge room.

“I was just looking at my ‘Moustache Styler’ magazine and wondering whether I should get it trimmed,” said Tash.

“Well, you did trip over it this morning,” Bendy said. “If you feel like a change why don’t you have blonde foils put in it to get a nice striped look that would match our rug.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” sighed Tash flicking over the pages. “By the way, don’t forget you have a doctor’s appointment today Bendy.”

“No, I hadn’t forgotten,” said Bendy. “I’m just deciding which underwear to put on…the brief lacy ones, or the extremely brief lacy ones.”

“You’re not going to wear those to see the doctor are you?” Tash said looking horrified. “Well, he needs to see everything,” Bendy said as she lay on the floor, in her striped leotard and leggings, with her legs around her neck.

“Well he certainly will if you wear those,” murmured Tash under her breath. “Why don’t you wear a pair of sensible pants instead?”

“SENSIBLE PANTS!!!!!” snapped Bendy covering her ears with her hands. “Never, and I mean NEVER let me hear you use that kind of language ever again Tash!”

Tash looked a bit crestfallen but decided to keep quiet and went back to her magazine.

Bendy had developed a sore hip due to all her contortionist moves and Tash had offered to accompany her to the doctors. It was a difficult time for Bendy as it meant that she had to rely on shop windows to admire herself in, instead of looking in her bathroom mirror every ten seconds.

They made their way to the city, stopping at a shop to buy some bananas as Bendy was having withdrawal symptoms and needed to look at her reflection in the shiny cash register.

Eventually they arrived at the doctor’s premises. Once inside they both got into the lift which had only one other occupant – a young man holding a cup of coffee. They both smiled at him and then Bendy pressed the button to go to the 10th floor.

All was going well until Tash started fiddling with her moustache which then got caught around the buttons on the lift panel. Suddenly the lift lurched to a stop. The young man started to panic.

“I didn’t tell anyone in the office where I was going…..I just slipped out for a cup of coffee.”

“Don’t worry said Bendy.” “Look, we have some bananas and you have coffee. We can amuse ourselves until someone comes to get us out.”

The young man’s eyes grew huge like saucers and he stared at Bendy and Tash like a frightened possum. Hammering on the door he started shouting,

“Help, help.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake!” Bendy said. “Get out of the way.”

She back flipped towards the door hitting it with her feet. This made the lift doors open slightly but they were between floors.

“I’ll slip through,” said the frightened young man.

Tash stopped him by circling her moustache around his waist which drew them close together but it was no time for embarrassment.

“If the lift starts going again you could get squashed,” she told him. He crouched in the corner and eyed the two women with a look of defeat.

Bendy then sprang into action. Grasping the lift doors with both hands she pushed as hard as she could and then slid through the gap taking time to admire her legs in the edge of the lift doors as she did so. The young man rushed to the gap pulling Tash over.

“Patience please!” said Tash as she unwound her moustache hair from around his body.

Bendy helped both the young man and Tash out to safety.

“Thank you,” the young man said and disappeared down the stairwell.

“Well done Bendy,” said Tash. “We had better get up to your doctor’s appointment.”

“You know,” said Bendy, “after all that effort my hip seems to have fixed itself. Let’s go home, put our feet up and you can tell me how attractive and wonderful I am”.

“OK,” said Tash. “That sounds like fun, and for a treat I will polish the coffee table so you can see your reflection in it whilst you are drinking your tea.”

“Oh Tash, you are such a great friend,” said Bendy, “but let’s take the stairs down.”

“Of course” said Tash.

She turned to go down the stairs but she tripped on the hair hanging over her shoe. Suddenly she fell backwards down the stairwell.

“Help!” she cried.”Help me Bendy!”

Bendy grabbed at her arm but it slipped from her grasp and she went tumbling down the stairs.

“Tash, Tash what’s wrong?”

Tash opened her eyes. To her surprise she was in her own bed. Bendy had a concerned look on her face.

“I think you were having a nightmare!” said Bendy. “You were screaming!”
Tash felt her upper lip. Her facial hair barely reached to the bottom of her lip.

“Thank goodness,” she sighed. “I think I would like to get a trim today.”

“OK but don’t forget I have a doctor’s appointment,” said Bendy.

“Fine,” said Tash, “but I will be taking the stairs!”


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