Bendy and Tash Have A Sinderella Moment.

Bendy and Tash were on their way to a very important party. The governor of a small but important principality- who was visiting Melbourne, Australia, had invited them to his son’s 25th birthday garden party.

They were of course running late because Bendy could not decide whether to wear her very best black pants, as it was a special occasion or her second best pair, as it was a garden party.

Tash had lost patience waiting for her and had decided to try a new facial hair conditioner. Unfortunately she had not realised that it had to stay on for quite so long. But at last they were on their way (Bendy had decided the occasion called for her very best pants and her new Jimmy Choo heels).

As they were so late there were no car parks so they had to walk the last few blocks. Bendy’s Jimmy Choos were hurting her toes a bit but she refused to admit to Tash that wedges might have been more sensible. As she reasoned, you never knew who you would meet, so it always paid to look your best.

They were almost there when they heard the clock strike twelve midnight. Suddenly a young girl came tearing around a corner and ran slap bang into Tash, knocking her to the ground. Bendy breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t her (she couldn’t take breaking another pair of heels) before extending a hand to help Tash up.

“What on earth is the hurry?” said Tash.

“I’m dreadfully sorry! I didn’t expect to meet up with anyone. I presumed everyone would be at the party,” replied the young girl breathlessly.

“That’s where we are going,” said Tash, “but what are you doing?”

“I’m trying to get home, I’m just so embarrassed,” said the girl. Even though she was looking at the ground, Bendy and Tash could see her face was bright red.

Bendy and Tash looked at her shabby hair, mismatched make up and awful styling. While they sympathized with her they secretly thought she could have got a little advice from any reasonable department store…and what was with shoes or a shoe that looked like it was made of glass.

Just then the girl began to speak. “My name is Sinderella but people call me Sindy. I have lived with my stepmother and step sisters since my father died. They treat me like I’m their slave. We were all invited to the party but they left me so many jobs I couldn’t go. But half an hour after they left there was a knock on the door. A strange little lady was there. She insisted on coming in and told me she was my fairy godmother. She had a professional air about her so I let her go ahead. She claimed to represent Avon and a trendy clothing company.”

Bendy and Tash gave a slight shudder but allowed her to continue.

“She had big suitcases filled with make up and clothing,” said Sinderella, eyeing the carry on luggage bag Bendy was pulling behind her. “I don’t know much about that sort of thing. She applied my make up and dressed me up. I didn’t even get a chance to look in the mirror before she had called me an Uber and I was on my way.”

She continued, “I did feel special getting all that attention and I guess it went to my head. When I got to the party I floated in on a cloud of confidence. I chatted to everyone. Everywhere I went there was lots of laughter and gaiety. I had never felt so entertaining. All my shyness disappeared. I even talked to my step family. They didn’t even recognise me, I believed their glazed looks showed they were stunned by my beauty.”

As Sindy wiped her nose with her sleeve, Bendy and Tash exchanged a horrified look.

“The governor’s son asked me to dance. I danced with him for seven songs, feeling giddier and giddier. Just as the clock struck twelve we danced over to a wall of mirrors. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of my reflection. I may not be a fashionista like you two obviously are but I can recognise a hideous mistake.

Suddenly I realised the laughter had been at me not around me. I had to leave. I ran out of the ballroom, down the stairs and out of the garden. Then I bumped into you. I’ve even lost one of these silly shoes. That fairy godmother will probably be really angry. I just want to go home and never leave again.”

Bendy looked down at her perfectly pedicured toenails in their peep toe shoes and gave a little sigh. She looked over at Tash who raised one eyebrow and wriggled her moustache and gave a slight nod.

“Well,” said Bendy, “we were supposed to attend the party and it’s a shame to waste such a perfectly put together ensemble but this is an emergency.”

“The governor will understand. We are often called away to emergency situations,” said Tash. “I’ll send him a text.”

The three of them walked back to the car. Bendy pretended to stretch by turning a few somersaults but she was really taking the pressure off her feet. She managed to land just in front of the side mirror which gave her an opportunity to check her make up.

They drove to Sindy’s house. When they got there the front door was wide open and what looked like the family silver was piled into the back of a station wagon.

“Oh no we’re being robbed,” said Sindy.

“I’d say she’s being scammed,” whispered Tash to Bendy.

They heard a noise from inside the front room.

“Get her!” yelled Tash.

Suddenly Bendy cartwheeled across the lounge room floor. She placed her legs around a woman’s neck and flung her to the ground. Tash followed and after whipping a curtain cord from the wall had the woman trussed and lying quietly in a minute.

“But that’s my fairy godmother!” complained Sindy. “But why would she steal the silver? It’s not even real silver.”

“We need to call the police,” said Bendy, but first things first.

For the next thirty minutes Bendy and Tash redid Sindy’s make up and hair. Then they explained how to put a flattering outfit together and how important finding the correct shade of lipstick and eyeshadow was. Finally when they were totally prepared they rang the police. The police were delighted to find Bendy and Tash there.

“Thank goodness you two have been able to solve this dreadful crime,” said the Inspector.

“It was quite simple really,” replied Tash. “No Avon lady would create a make up faux pas  like this one did. They are far to highly trained for that. We could smell a rat from the very start.”

“Not to mention,” added Bendy as she tried to see her face in the Inspector’s shiny police badge, “no Avon lady would take fake silver.”

“What…fake silver..Damn!” groaned the thieving woman.

The police constable hauled her up off the floor and took her back to the police station.

Later as Bendy, Tash, Sindy and the Inspector shared a bottle of Bollinger that they had found in the wine cellar, Sindy sighed.

“I did really like the governor’s son. I was hoping he would ask me out!”

“Well you had a lucky escape!” said Tash, “He has three wives already at home. You don’t want to be number four.”

“Oh I’ll never find a boyfriend!”  said Sindy.

“I don’t have a girlfriend and I think you’re very pretty,” said the Inspector shyly.

Tash looked at Bendy.

“I think our work here is done,” she said. “Let’s go home.”

“Wait,” called Sindy as they reached the front door, “I would like to give you something.”

She placed a small muslin bag in both their hands. As they opened them they each saw a beautiful pair of diamond and pearl earrings.

“My father was an oyster farmer but I don’t like pearls. But you could wear them.”

“These are real, not cultured pearls,” said Tash.

“Enjoy them,” said Sindy, “I just wish I could do more for you.”

Bendy placed her arm around Sindy.

“Why Sindy, these ten thousand dollar earrings are all the thanks we need.”

Keep watch for the next exciting episode of Bendy and Tash when Auntie Betty crops up.

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