Bendy and Tash – Washing Machine Woes

The day hadn’t started very well for Bendy as she had dropped the lid of the plastic margarine container on her bare toe whilst she was making breakfast. You wouldn’t have thought that it would hurt, but the hard corner fell on her toe and actually left a bruise.

“Ouch!” said Bendy, hopping around the kitchen on one leg. She looked down at the bruise and sighed, “Great, now I’ve got a blemish on my perfect foot.”

Then grumpily, in a loud voice so Tash would hear, she said, “What else could possible go wrong today!”

Tash had been doing the washing and went to check on how it was going. The machine was a front loader and immediately when she entered the laundry she noticed that there was a little puddle of water on the floor in front of the machine.

“Bendy!” she called out, “come quickly the washing machine is leaking.”

Tash knew that Bendy was extremely handy when it came to household disasters and was quite relieved to pass the problem over to her.

Bendy looked at the situation and decided she had to pull the machine away from the wall to investigate. The machine was extremely heavy so Bendy went and got a piece of wood to slide it on to.

“Hmm,” said Bendy, “I think we need something else.”

She went into the shed and came back with a mattock. Tash looked a bit surprised at this but had full confidence in Bendy.

“What do you need the mattock for?” she asked Bendy.

“If we put the wide end of the mattock under the bottom of the machine it will slide better,” replied Bendy.

Tash was bending down trying to help pull the machine forward when Bendy’s hand slipped and the mattock handle hit Tash on the side of her neck.

“Ouch,” said Tash.

Within seconds, the floor mop fell off the hook on the wall and hit Tash on the other side of her neck. Tash was scrunching her face up in pain but Bendy had to look the other way as she was trying to stop herself giggling.

“It’s not funny Bendy,” Tash said, “that really hurt.”

“I’m sorry,” Bendy snorted with laughter.

Bendy climbed over the machine and proceeded to take the back off it. She glanced up at Tash who was leaning up against the wall fiddling with her moustache whilst she looked through a catalogue of new washing machines.

“I am going to fix the machine, we don’t need a new one,” Bendy said.

Tash just pouted and sighed.

After investigating, Bendy informed Tash that she couldn’t see anything wrong with the machine so she put everything back together. Tash stood outside the laundry door whilst Bendy pushed the machine back against the wall as she didn’t want to risk being hit in the neck again.

“Oh you are so strong Bendy,” Tash said.

“I know,” said Bendy. “That is why I can wrap my legs around my neck and do so many cartwheels and somersaults.”

“I wish I could have wrapped my legs around my neck then I wouldn’t have been in so much pain,” Tash thought to herself, remembering the mattock handle and floor mop.

With everything back in place Bendy stroked her chin and wondered what could be the problem. Suddenly she had a bright idea.

“Tash, when was the last time you checked the filter on this machine?”

Tash hung her head and went crimson.

“It must have been at least three months ago,” she whispered.

Bendy removed the filter cover and there was the culprit! The filter was full of rubbish.

“That would explain the leak,” Bendy said, looking at Tash. “We have just wasted three hours on this when I could have been standing on my head admiring myself.”

“I’m sorry” said Tash, “let me make you a nice cup of tea.”

They went into the lounge room and Bendy sat down patiently waiting for her tea. She could hear the clinking of cups and then Tash appeared at the doorway.

“Here’s your tea Bendy,” Tash exclaimed, just before she tripped over the rug.

The last thing she remembered seeing before landing face down on the floor was Bendy sitting there with tea dripping down her face.

Bendy looked at Tash with steely eyes and said, “You KNOW I only like Orange Pekoe…  THAT was Earl Grey!!!”

What new situation will Bendy and Tash find themselves in. Stay tuned to find out how our two heros provide essential assistance to a young lady .

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