Bendy and Tash – The Will

Bendy had decided to update her will. After her initial appointment, the solicitor’s office rang Bendy to come in and sign the final copy of her will. Tash said she would go with her and make sure she was alright as something always went wrong where Bendy was concerned.

Whilst they were running across the road Bendy’s Jimmy Choo high heel got caught in a crack in the pavement and bent.

“Oh no!” said Tash (Bendy was too traumatized to speak).

They carefully made their way up the street with Bendy leaning on Tash to save her heel.

“What am I going to do?” said Bendy, glancing at her reflection in the shop windows.

“We’ll just have to buy you some new shoes after the solicitor’s appointment,” said Tash.

They gingerly made their way to the solicitor’s and announced their arrival to the receptionist. After a few minutes wait, the solicitor greeted them and ushered them into her office. Bendy sat with her legs tucked under her chair so no one could see the bent heel.

The solicitor got out a large folder and produced the will. Before signing it Bendy and the solicitor had to read through the document together.

The solicitor read out Bendy’s name and she then said, “…and you don’t have a middle name?”

Bendy replied, “Yes, I do, it’s Wendy.”

The solicitor said, “You didn’t tell me that before.”

Then after a pause, Bendy said, “Did you want to know my other name? – it’s Cindy.”

The solicitor said,“Yes!” (frowning at Bendy).

They continued to read the document through. Just then Bendy said, “Did you also want the middle name of Tash?” At this point the solicitor looked very exasperated got up and left the office to get the document altered.

Whilst she was gone Tash told Bendy to stop curling her legs around the chair or they would get stretched.

“I can’t help it,” said Bendy, “I just have the urge to do a somersault.”

When the solicitor came back with the new document, she had also brought a young girl to act as a witness. Bendy was sitting down level with the desk and the solicitor was standing up.

The solicitor put her finger on the document and said, “Sign here.”

Bendy said, “Where?”

She said, “Here!”

Bendy said “Where?”

She said “HERE!”

Then Bendy said, “I can’t see where to sign as you have your finger in the way.”

By this time Tash was looking out the window, curling her moustache around her fingers and thinking that the solicitor will lose patience soon and think Bendy is really stupid.

It was obvious to Tash that Bendy was more concerned with having to buy a new pair of shoes than signing anything. She noticed Bendy kept staring at her feet and Tash knew that she was wondering whether she would be able to get another pair of shiny patent shoes that she could see her reflection in.

Eventually they both left the office and went to the nearest shoe shop. They walked in and Tash noticed a pair of shoes that were under a sale sign that said $69 and thought that they would be OK. Bendy wasn’t quite as excited about them but they were patent and she could see her face in them, so that was a plus.

They got to the counter and the assistant started to process the payment and said, “That will be $110.”

Bendy said, “No, they are on special.”

The assistant said, “I will go and look,” and off she went. There was a queue of people waiting behind them and Tash kept turning around and apologizing.

The assistant came back and said, “Will you come and show me where you saw them?”

Off Bendy went with the assistant, saying sorry to everyone in the queue as she went. Of course, the shoes were NOT on special, even though they were sitting in front of the reduced sign!

Bendy made her way back to the counter (apologizing for the third time to the queue of people who assured her it was not a problem (liars!). Bendy said she’d have them anyway and asked if she could wear them out of the shop as her heel had broken.

The shop assistant agreed and asked if Bendy would like to take the box that they came in. Bendy said yes and the assistant took the electronic tags off the shoes so they wouldn’t activate the alarm at the front of the shop.

Bendy and Tash walked out the door only to hear the loud beep of the alarm – there was an electronic tag left in the shoe box!!!!!

“Oh how embarrassing,” said Tash, pushing her way past Bendy causing her to trip and break her new heels. Devastated, Bendy somersaulted out of the shop, cartwheeled down the road and landed outside an expensive shoe store.

Quickly standing upright she glanced through the window adjusting her short skirt to hide her frilly underwear.

Spying a pair of sensational black patent high heels glistening in the window, was too much to bear. With Tash out of sight, Bendy rushed into the shop and purchased the shoes.

Not wanting Tash to see them as they were so expensive, she stuffed them up her skirt and walked barefoot down the street. By this time Tash had caught up to her. Watching Bendy swaying side to side, she asked, “Are you OK?”

“Yes why?” said Bendy, not being able to look her in the eye.

“Well it’s just that your hips seem to have got bigger on both sides and there are pointy bits sticking out.”

“Oh don’t be ridiculous!” said Bendy “It’s just my new way of walking that I have developed.”“You wait and see, everyone will be doing it soon!”

Tash just looked up to the sky, twirled her moustache and smiled to herself. She was deciding when to inform Bendy that she was exposing her frillies because the heels of her new shoes had got caught in her skirt!

On the way home Tash opened up her purse to see the governor’s Late Night Garden Party invitation. Will those new shoes make their maiden appearance?

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