Bendy and Tash Urgently Required OS- Part One

Bendy and Tash were going on an urgent overseas assignment. After checking in, they took their seats on the plane and made themselves comfortable by arranging all their make-up in readiness for’touching up’ on the way using their video screens as mirrors.

Bendy liked to sit in the aisle seat so she could stretch her legs and dash off to the bathroom when required. Tash was usually quite happy to just sit  and admire her moustache in the reflection of the window.

Amusing herself by gazing at the blank video screen, wondering whether she needed to get her fringe cut by one millimetre or not and pouting her lips to see what they would look like with some ‘fillers’, Bendy started making faces at the screen. Tash was oblivious to these goings on and being the sensible one was having equestrian thoughts. She hadn’t told Bendy yet but she had come up with the idea of Detectives on Horseback. Tash knew she would have trouble convincing Bendy because she knew how much she disliked having her hair messed up. The thought of having to wear a helmet would be just too much to bear. Tash just sighed and closed her eyes dreaming of stirrups and saddles.

After a few hours Bendy needed to go to the bathroom and left her seat. Unfortunately she had forgotten which way the door shut, so as she was shutting it her finger got jammed. This caused her extreme pain but she managed to lurch back to her seat telling Tash she was feeling a bit faint. Tash put a pillow on her lap and let Bendy put her head on it until she felt better. This was not a good look and caused consternation among the other passengers. To make matters worse, all Bendy could think of was how her fringe was going to get ruined because of the pillow, but at least this took her mind off feeling ill.

After a while the steward came up and stopped, looking first at Bendy and then Tash. He asked if everything was alright. Bendy was starting to feel a bit better but really fancied some more peanuts. She had eaten hers really quickly once Tash had helped her open them. Bendy always had trouble opening the little packets but at least she hadn’t embarrassed herself like last time when she tried to open the tub of milk and it burst out and spilt all over her legs.

Looking pathetically up at the steward Bendy asked in a high pitched girly voice, “Have you any nuts?” The startled steward retorted, “Madam, they are a prerequisite of the job!”

Will they make to their assignment or will they be shunted off the plane at the next available airport. Stay tuned.

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