Bendy and Tash Save The day

Bendy and Tash were walking along the promenade in Lorne on their annual Summer holiday. Suddenly they heard a scream. “That sounds like someone in trouble!”said Bendy.
“We’ll have to help.”replied Tash.
They quickly slipped into a nearby public toilet. After fixing their hair and make-up, they changed their jewellery to a more modest, less showy set and were ready for action. In less than twenty minutes they were back on the scene. They followed the sound waves to a large mansion on the water front. There they found a very distressed woman.
“What’s wrong?” asked Bendy.
“I’ve locked my keys in my car and I have a very important luncheon to go to,” she sobbed.
“Don’t worry we will help you,”cried Tash, “you can’t possibly walk around Lorne in those heels!”
Luckily the passenger window was down a little. Bendy managed to twist and turn and bend her arm down and unlock the door.
“Oh thank-you you super women,”cried the grateful socialite. “I don’t know what I would have done without you”
“Um just one more thing,” said Tash. “I’m a little worried that your lipstick doesn’t quite match your outfit.”
“How embarrassing! I left my extended make-up case at home. I thought I could get away with this one.”
“Don’t worry,” soothed Bendy opening a large suitcase full of make-up, “I have the perfect one you can have.”
“You two are so much more helpful than an automobile club. I’m glad I didn’t call for the RACV.”
The grateful woman kissed them both and after reapplying the more suitable lipstick, headed off to her lunchoen.
“It feels so good to help people,” smiled Tash, “Now let’s get back to our walk.”

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter in the lives of Bendy and Tash.

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